The Ultimate guide to find the best pest control near you in Sydney (2019)

Australia is known for its wide variety of venomous, deadly and troublesome pests. Some of these pests can carry disease-causing microorganisms and parasites, whereas, others might damage stored food, clothing, and even buildings. For instance, Mice can damage stored food items, whereas, Termites can cause considerable damage to timber in buildings.

Pest infection is equally harmful in both residential and commercial settings. Rats can damage stored food items, regardless of whether it is in a restaurant store room or a suburban kitchen. Termites can cause damage to wooden items, regardless of whether it is in a modern luxury villa or a commercial warehouse.

Pest control is a service that is increasingly becoming a necessity for both homeowners and property managers. Timely pest identification and treatment can save you tens of thousands of dollars, afterward. Read this ultimate guide to know about the commonly found Australian pests, their timely identification, and optimum treatment by finding the best pest control specialists near you in Sydney.

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Pests infestation by the numbers

  • In a recent survey of 210 Australian Businesses with pest incidents, 69% were concerned that it will negatively impact the staff morale, 67% were concerned that it will result in a loss of reputation. Moreover, 60% of firms indicated that damage to electrical equipment was of high concern, 46% of businesses with pest incidents surveyed were concerned about the loss of stock and 47% were concerned about compensation claims.
  • A Rentokil study found that 1 in 4 homes in Australia will be attacked by termites in its lifetime. The same report revealed that the average termite damage range between $7000-$8000. Furthermore, a termite infection could decrease the value of a home by 20%.
  • 7-8% of the Australian population is sensitive to allergens that cockroaches have. According to a recent study, for children in the inner city, cockroach allergy plus cockroach exposure adds up to more severe asthma.

Commonly found pests in Australia

Bed Bugs

These are small, reddish-brown insects, normally about the size of an apple seed that rely on the blood of animals and humans to survive. They are normally found near their feeding place, i.e. mattresses, bed sheets, and box springs. As their name suggests, they generally feed at night, when the people are in bed.

Identification of Bed Bug Infestation – They usually go unnoticed. However, they make their presence known through continuous biting and irritation. One of the signs that you might have bed bug infestation is that they usually leave rust-colored spots on bed sheets when they are crushed.


Termites are among the most serious trouble making pests that can be found in mainland Australian cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, or Sydney, as the climate is favorable. Termites are somewhat of a national problem, and the best way to tackle this problem is by hiring pest control specialists.

Identification of Termite Infestation – If you suspect Termite infestation, the best way to confirm your doubts is by tapping the wooden structure. If your tapping produces a hollow sound, that’s a surefire sign of termite infestation. Moreover, check for mud trails


They prefer warm and humid environments and can thrive both inside and outside of commercial and residential buildings. These pests affect your pets (cats, dogs, and birds). Furthermore, they are also known to affect the humans who interact with the affected animals.

Identification of Flea infestation – An animal infested by fleas becomes itchy, will have a large amount of discomfort. The infected animals can also bring the fleas inside a home. Once inside, they can easily get into carpets and furniture. Flea infestation can get out of hand if left untreated, as a single female can lay hundreds of eggs within its short span of life.

Wasps and Bees

They can be the stingiest unwelcomed guests that can infest your property. Though normally they make their nest in the outdoor area of your property, in some cases, they might infest the walls of your house. Wasp nests can be dangerous because they lead coordinated attacks. Furthermore, these attacks can become deadly, if the person has an allergic reaction to Wasps or bees’ venom.

Identification of Wasp infestation – Usually they build nests in hidden places that can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. If left uncontrolled, a nest can grow into a colony of 20,000 wasps. Thus, it is highly recommended to contact a professional pest control agent, if you see an unusual bee or wasp activity in or around your property.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are major health hazards to humans and are known to spread a wide range of deadly diseases. Moreover, they can damage cables, chew the floor joists, and even damage the building’s insulation

Identification of Mice infestation – Although it can be quite difficult to spot mice as they have lightning fast speed, still they are leaving their trace by leaving droppings and unpleasant urine smell. Moreover, scratching or scampering sounds coming through floors or the walls might also indicate mice infestation. If you suspect that the mice problem is getting out of control in your commercial or residential property, the best thing to do is to hire a professional pest control agent.


There can be found more than 400 species of cockroaches in Australia, as the climate is quite favorable for these roaches over here. These carry a wide range of diseases that can affect humans. For instance, most common diseases transmitted by roaches are Dysentery, asthma, and Gastro-enteritis.  

Identification of Cockroach infestation – Roaches generally infest damp and warm spaces, especially kitchens, wall cavities, and bathrooms. They usually came out at night in search for food. Don’t hesitate to call professional pest control service providers, if your home is infested by these creatures.


Snakes are found everywhere in Australia. Although it is true that the most venomous snakes in the world live in Australia, still the majority of the snake species found in Australia are not deadly. Snakes infest buildings to find shelter, food, or to avoid flooding.

Identification of snake infestation – Be Careful, if you come in contact with a snake. In spite of handling the situation by yourself, you should call a well-trained specialist who knows how to stop and handle the snake infestation, without risking anybody’s life.

Do you suspect that your property (Residential or Commercial) is infested by pests? To get full pest infection of your property, contact now at 0410-222-622

Reasons Do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control fails

Let us admit, it is very tempting to attempt the pest control measures by yourself. You might take this action to save a few dollars or to become a hero in your local community or at least in the sight of your family. However, the DIY measures don’t work every time, and the situation might become worse in the blink of an eye.

There are many reasons why DIY pest control treatments might not work, some of them are

  • Unpredictable animal behavior – You might be able to corner that rat, raccoon, possum or snake; however, do you think that they will give in that easily? Some animals do get aggressive when they felt threatened. Instead of messing around with these disease-carrying and aggressive pests, you should call the professionals to handle the situation accordingly.
  • Risk of Pesticide Poisoning – Even seen a pesticide bottle without those skulls and crossbones sign printed on its container? No, right? There is a reason for this. These pesticides contain poison that can cause serious health concerns. It is advised to keep these pesticides away from the reach of your children and pets.
  • Scattering the insects – most of the pest species live in groups, so should you start spraying when you see them? The answer is No. This action can make these pests go crazy and spread all around the area, thus making their extermination even more difficult.
  • Not getting the root of the problem – You might be able to kill that one unlucky rat that was searching for food. But is the problem exterminated? What about the others that are hiding in the burrow?
  • Venomous Insects – Some pests including Spiders, Scorpions, and Snakes can be venomous. Therefore, they should not be tampered with by amateurs. In case you get bitten by a venomous pest, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Coordinated wasp attacks – You think that have located that Wasp nest and can take it down on your own? Completely wrong. Once threatened, these wasps can launch a coordinated attack that can leave you in a critical situation.
  • Respiratory issues and chemical burns – Randomly spraying the pesticides in the presence of your children and loved ones while not knowing the side effects of the pesticides, can have severe repercussions, including respiratory issues and chemical burns.
  • Not looking in the right areas – So you have a rat infestation, and you have placed rat traps, but still haven’t been able to catch them. Its because you are not looking in the right areas. Pest control professionals know best where to set the traps to get the best results.  

How to identify professional pest control company

Word of caution: Not everyone out there offering pest control services is a licensed pest control professional, thus you should be careful when selecting the best pest control company near you in Sydney.

Here are a few considerations that you should keep in mind when selecting a professional pest control company to help you out with pest infestation.

  • Fully licensed and qualified pest control technicians – most of the service providers out there are not certified by the state government. Moreover, some contractors outsource the work to inexperienced and amateur sub-contractors. Always look for companies whose technicians have current, state government issued pest control licenses. Always ask for copies of qualifications as proof.  
  • Safe Pest control products – always check whether the pest control treatments used by these technicians are approved by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) or not. So that you can be sure that these treatments are completely safe for pets, children, pregnant women and people with asthma.
  • Eco-friendly treatment – Always check whether the treatment is non-toxic, eco-friendly and produce very few to no odors
  • Warranty – Always ask whether the treatment comes with any sort of warranty to cover a minimum number of months after treatment. Insist for a 3-month warranty period, so that if the pest situation arises again, it can be treated at no extra cost to you
  • Check Testimonials – Professional pest control companies will have good testimonials on their social media profiles and website. Don’t work with any company that has no testimonials. Who wants to be a Guinea Pig, by the way?

At Pest Experts, we offer unbeatable pest control services in Sydney with guaranteed satisfaction. If you discovered pests in or around your property and want to hire professional pest control services in Sydney. Well look no further, we got all that you need.

Our licensed pest experts will inspect the premise to identify the pest species and the full extent of the infestation. We will understand your specific situation and will devise a no-obligation quote and treatment plan to remove pests from your building.

Customer Satisfaction is our utmost desire. This ideology reflects from the glowing reviews we got from our customers.

Daniel from Bankstown, NEW says

“Our commercial kitchen was infested with cockroaches but thankfully Pest Experts™ were able to solve the problem quickly and discreetly. They explained to us what was causing the problem and even gave us helpful tips to maintain the work environment, so the roaches wouldn’t come back. Thanks so much for your professional service and valuable advice, now we can get back to work.

Thomas from Abbotsford, NSW says

“Thank you, Pest Experts™ for your fast and friendly service for our pre-purchase inspection. You were very thorough and made sure to inspect every crack, crevice, and even the drainage pipes. We got a complete timber inspection and report that described in detail the condition of the property. Overall, we were very impressed with your punctual, neat and tidy service. Thank you, Pest Experts™ and the whole team for a great job!”

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Preparing your property for Pest control treatment

Hiring the services of best pest control services in Sydney does not mean that you call them and then sit back and wait. You have to prepare your home so that the pest infestation does not spread to other areas. It’s just like treating your wound with first aid kit, though still, you will have to visit the medic for proper treatment.

This is not rocket science, nor this preparation will require you to read a lengthy manual to complete the job. These are just a list of fairly standard steps, that your pest control technician will ask you to complete prior to their first visit.

Some of these steps include

  • Removing personal stuff from the affected areaFor instance all personal items, including clothes, toys, shoes, stored materials, etc., from the furniture and floor throughout the home. However, only perform this action, if you know that the pests are not venomous
  • Send your children and pest to a safe place – Till the area is cleared by the pest control technicians
  • Trail the pest movement – So that the technicians could immediately start the extermination procedure
  • Put the food items away – It is recommended that you should put the food items in a safe place, so that they remain unaffected from the chemicals, though harmless, but still safety precautions are necessary.

Useful Pest Control related links – Australia

  • National pest and disease outbreakInform readers about the ongoing pest and disease outbreaks at the national level and what actions are being taken to control these outbreaks
  • Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy – provides information about the invasive species and how to deal with them
  • Australian Government Department of Health – educate readers about different types of pests and how to get rid of them.
  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources– offers a detailed overview of biosecurity and how biosecurity measures can help you protect your family from pests and diseases
  • Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) – Check this website to know that if your pest Manager is AEPMA certified and is following the industry best practices.

Concluding Remarks

Australia is home to a wide range of pests. Some pests are venomous, while others carry diseases. Some pests damage stored food items, whereas, others damage buildings. Cutting things short, these pests are bad for you, and your property and should be treated accordingly. Although you can take protective measures by yourself (DIY), they might not be effective. Moreover, in some cases, these DIY measures might worsen the situation.

The best option is to hire the services of professional pest control technicians, who are licensed by the state government and are fully qualified to do their job while following the best practices.

If you want your house or commercial property to be inspected by the type of professional pest control technicians we talked about in this article.

Give us a call at 0410-222-622 now, and our representative will take care of all your pest related problems.

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