What Are the Best Solutions for Pests like Ants and Termites?

Approximately 25% of properties in Australia will be affected by termites at one time or another. A termite or ant infestation or severely affect your property and cost you a fortune in repairs. If you find yourself having recurring pest problems you need to find the best solutions.

With over 350 species of termites in Australia, only about 20% of them cause damage to buildings. Despite this fact, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore pest control measures. You never know when the destructive species will find their way to your home.

It can take a while to notice that you have a pest problem until they have fed off your wood furniture. Before the problem gets to a situation that threatens your family, here is a guide on what to do.

Have a Professional Inspection Done

Often when you’re dealing with a pest infestation problem you’ll probably spray away the pests. This deals with the immediate issue but doesn’t eliminate the source of the pests. An inspection is more than just checking and sealing the source of the pests.

It makes a huge difference for you to take action on existing problems before they escalate.  

Also known as technical Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspection, the process is comprehensive. You check not only for termites and ants but also for all other insects that can attack the integrity of a building. They include wood borer, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, dry rot, fleas, spiders, and fungus.

The process of inspection entails scrutinizing the favorable conditions that make it possible for the pests to thrive. Which parts of the building are likely to attract the pests if they are left unfixed? Unfortunately, sometimes there aren’t visible indications to the untrained eye that a structure is prone to attack.

Pest inspection experts will thoroughly analyze your building, and the surrounding area, to identify any pests and organisms. They’ll also determine their source and the conditions that make them thrive. Depending on these factors, they’ll recommend the best treatment options.

Go for Termite Exterminator Treatment

When dealing with a termite infestation problem, it’s best to hire professional services. The cost of hiring a termite exterminator will depend on various factors. The severity of the infestation is one of the cost determinants.

The kind of termites in question will affect the costs. Two most common types are subterranean and dry wood termites. You’ll also be charged depending on whether the termites are inside or outside the building, or whether they’re deep into the wood.

Termite Exterminator Treatment Options

Once the above factors have been established, appropriate treatment options will be applied. Each of them aims at the complete elimination of the pests.

They include

  • Fumigation- This treatment entails disinfecting an area with certain chemicals to make it inhabitable for pests. He can use termiticides, baits, or repellents for disinfection.
  • Heat Treatments- It has been used for the treatment of bed bugs in the past. It has proved to be useful for termites as well. It entails the use of heat to eliminate all types of pests at all life stages. It requires no injection or chemical use.
  • Spot Treatments- These are necessary when you’re doing a follow-up after termite treatment. The treatment gets rid of any remnant termites or nests.

Using fumigation and heat treatment are most recommendable in most situations. You also should have a follow-up treatment procedure to ensure the problem won’t recur.

In Review

Although it takes years for termites to cause considerable damage to your property, it’s wise to take precaution. As soon as you discover an infestation consider taking estimates from several exterminators. Find out the warranty they offer and the treatment options they offer.

A professional exterminator will apply pest control measures that’ll keep pests away for a long time.

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